Office Manager

Oklahoma City, United States


          The Office Manager/Bookkeeper supports the program and administrative functions of The Vape Bar Inc. with integrity and efficiency. This includes developing and maintaining records such as Sales reports, calendars, digital/paper files, and timekeeping systems. In addition to taking the lead on entering financial transactions into the bookkeeping system, the Office Manager/Bookkeeper will develop and maintain a welcoming office environment, and coordinate logistics for all Board and staff meetings. The Office Manager/Bookkeeper will carry out a wide range of activities, including fiscal data management, reporting, correspondence, and direct contact with all staff and Board.  


          • Using bookkeeping system(s) including Quickbooks, and Odoo, input and pay bills, create journal entries from payroll reports, reconcile credit card statements, and print checks. 

          • Develop fiscal reports, track invoices, complete required forms, and take on other tasks for the CEO 

          • Develop and generate regular financial status report for staff. 

          • Work with staff to improve monthly status reports. 

          • Generate documents for the annual audit.   

          • Follow accounting protocols for tracking funds.   

          • Maintain internal controls. 

          • Update the accounting handbook on an ongoing basis to document procedures. 

          • Serve as the main point of contact with The Vape Bar’s CPA, and maintain the timekeeping system.   

          • Manage payroll and contractor tax report filings.   

          • Develop and maintain a grant application and reporting calendar and grantor database that integrates with existing tracking systems. 

          • Support the maintenance of complete, accurate physical  and digital files. 

          • Take on other assignments as directed by the CEO. 

          • Greet visitors and create a welcoming office environment. 

          • Provide excellent customer service on the telephone and in person.   

          • Answer the phones and open the mail. 

          • Maintain office supplies. 

          • Maintain the office technology systems by being the chief relationship manager for tech support service providers and software and hardware vendors.   

          • Coordinate Board and staff meeting logistics, agendas, and minutes.  

          • Develop and maintain an online portal for Board and staff to access documents for meetings.   

          • Work with staff to ensure all accounting documents are complete, consistent, and filed in a timely manner, both on and offsite.   

          • Work with staff to update digital file tracking procedures for the computer network, and ensure that all staff follow agreed‐upon procedures.   

          • Create and maintain a digital calendar for the organization.   

          • Use Microsoft office technology to format and print letters and other correspondence as needed. 

          • Assist with events both in the office, in community spaces, and in the field as needed. 

          • Maintain confidentiality and be discrete with information.

          • Take on other assignments as directed by the CEO



          The following Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities will make you a great fit for this position:

          1.                   You have a genuine passion for vaping, and an interest in helping people quit smoking.

          2.                   You havehigh level of individual initiative and creativity.

          3.                   Strong writing and editing skills, especially in correspondence.

          4.                   You’re a technology wiz. When technology is unfamiliar, you’re adept at learning it.   

          5.                   Clear communicator, with the ability to deal effectively and tactfully with a wide variety of people in correspondence, on the telephone, and in person.

          6.                   You’re an organized person; it’s in your blood.  

          7.                   You’re social: you like knowing who is where, when.

          8.                   You’re a numbers guru.  

          9.                   Familiar with GAAP and preferably have nonprofit accounting experience.

          10.                Strong Quickbooks expertise and a minimum of 2 years in a bookkeeping role for an organization with 10 or more employees.  

          11.                Solid skills in word processing, spreadsheet managements, and presentation software, particularly with the Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint). Experience with Odoo is a plus.   

          12.                Attention to detail and a passion for accuracy, especially error‐free data entry.

          13.                You’re comfortable interpreting information for people of different perspectives and learning styles.  

          14.                Your ideal role is part of a support team.  

          15.                The ability to meet daily, weekly and monthly deadlines consistently.

          16.                A natural penchant for getting to know people and enjoy communicating with them.  

          17.                The ability to work with limited supervision and successfully within a team.

          18.           The ability to resolve practical problems independently.


          The ideal candidate for this position will have a bachelor degree or at least five years’ experience in a comparable position.


          The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


          ·          This work requires only minor physical exertion and/or strain.  The work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements.  

          ·          Work is often fast‐paced, stressful, and requires managing multiple projects with deadlines.   

          ·          A willingness to work flexible hours is necessary. Some evening and weekend work will be required.  

          ·          In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals.   However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose undue hardships on the organization.

          ·          The Vape Bar inc. maintains its status as an at‐will employer.   

          Job Complexity:
          Personal Evolution:
          Variability of the Job:
          Job Security:
          Overachieving Possibilities:
          Team / Company Size:

          10-20 people


          Healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance


          Vacation, Sick, and Holiday paid leaves

          Discount Programs

          Employees receive free E-Liquid and discounted vape products!